Lost Paws

 Lost Dogs in Springfield MO


This is a program Doggie Spa of America has put together for peace of mind for ALL dog owners. If your dog gets loose it’s not always going to be when a vet is open to read your microchip. What if you are at work or on vacation when someone calls the number on your dog’s ID tag? If the person who found your dog has no place to keep him or her while they try to locate you, your pet may wind up back on the streets.

Doggie Spa of America has the solution. We want to put a tag on your dog with Doggie Spa’s name and phone number on it for FREE. We will enter them into the Lost Paws highly-encrypted online data base with an ID number and owner and pet info. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your pet is found they can bring him/her to us for a safe place to stay until you are contacted. 

We will be adding more services to this program as time goes on. For example, Lost Paws alerts when dogs come up missing. This is a much needed service for Springfield and surrounding area.

The kick off for this charity is Saturday Feb. 8 11am-4pm at the Doggie Spa in Springfield, Missouri. People can bring their family and dogs. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs and booths. We are very excited to introduce this program to the area!  Please Contact Us with any questions

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