Dog Daycare

Do you have a friendly, active dog? A puppy? A large dog that needs lots of room and time to run? Do you have a job that demands long hours and leaves you exhausted at the end of the day? You come through the door and your furry companion just walks to play fetch or go for a long walk. If you don’t give him the right amount of exercise, your pet may develop inappropriate behaviors such as chewing or excessive barking. But sometimes you’re just too tired.

Dog daycare at Doggie Spa of America’s state of the art facility and Springfield’s largest indoor playground is exactly what you and your dog need. Daycare, even one or two times a week, can give your pet the socialization and play time he or she needs. It can also put your mind to rest about giving your dog everything he or she needs to be happy and healthy!


Regular Prices

$12  Half Day (Any 6 Hours)

$20  Full Day (Mon – Fri:  7AM – 7PM    Sat:8AM – 5PM



$80 includes 7 visits in a month ($60 savings)

$150 includes 12 visits in a month ($90 savings)

$275 includes unlimited full or half days all month.